Vegan Menu



Created exclusively for Yummy Cupcakes by Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko


Almond / Almond                                                                                                 

Almond cupcake frosted with a vegan almond buttercream


Apple Martini             

Sour apple cupcake frosted with a sour apple buttercream, rimmed with sugar crystals    


Apple Pie                                                                                                              

Apple cupcake baked with fresh apples and a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with a vegan vanilla/apple/cinnamon buttercream


Apple Stuffie

Vanilla bean cupcake stuffed with fresh spiced baked apples, with a rim of vegan vanilla bean buttercream


Awesome (Arnold) Palmer                                                                                                    

Iced black tea and lemonade cupcake frosted with iced black tea and lemonade vegan buttercream  


Bananas Foster                                                                                      

Vanilla butter/banana/rum cupcake frosted with vanilla/banana/rum vegan buttercream and a light sprinkle of cinnamon


Basil Lemonade

Lemon cupcake with a basil infused lemon buttercream


Berry Cobbler

Brown sugar cupcake filled with a fresh berry compote, topped with brown sugar crumble and drizzled with vanilla glaze


Berry Pie (seasonal availability)                                                                                             

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with fresh seasonal berries and topped with vegan vanilla buttercream 


Black & White Oreo                                                                                             

Chocolate cupcake baked with Oreo cookie pieces inside, and frosted with a vanilla bean buttercream with Oreo pieces throughout


Blood Orange                                                                                                                                           

Blood orange cupcake topped with an orange zested vegan cream cheese frosting


Blueberry Cream Cheese (seasonal availability)                                                 

Vanilla bean cupcake with lots of fresh blueberries and vegan cream cheese baked in, topped with our vegan cream cheese frosting


Blueberry Pancakes                                                                                              

Maple cupcake studded with fresh blueberries, frosted with a vegan maple cream cheese frosting


Brown Sugar Cinnamon                                                                                                         

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with a brown sugar/butter/cinnamon crumble topped with a swirl of vegan vanilla buttercream


Buttered Pecan

“Buttery” cupcake baked with pecans inside, topped with a butter pecan frosting and chopped pecans


Buttered Popcorn                                                                                                 

“Buttery” rich cupcake frosted with a vegan “buttery”, salty buttercream


Candy Cane (seasonal availability)                                                                       

Vanilla peppermint cupcake frosted with a light peppermint vegan buttercream, topped with a mini candy cane


Carrot Cream Cheese                                                                                          

Fresh carrot/raisin/pineapple/walnut cupcake topped with vegan cream cheese frosting


Chocolate Basil                                                                                                     

Chocolate cupcake infused with basil, frosted with basil infused chocolate vegan buttercream


Chocolate Café Latte                                                                                            

Mocha cupcake frosted with a vegan vanilla buttercream, topped with cocoa powder, cinnamon 


Chocolate Candy Cane

Chocolate cupcake with a white peppermint


Chocolate Chili                                                                                                                                          

Chocolate cupcake with a hint of chili powders topped with a vegan chocolate/chili buttercream 


Chocolate / Chocolate                                                                                         

Chocolate cupcake topped with vegan chocolate buttercream 


Chocolate Coconut                                                                                                                 

Chocolate coconut cupcake topped with vegan chocolate coconut buttercream, rolled in coconut flakes


Chocolate Espresso                                                                                              

Chocolate cupcake frosted with a vegan vanilla bean espresso buttercream


Chocolate Merlot                                                                                                    

Chocolate cupcake created with a medium bodied merlot, giving a hint of berry, plum & black currant, topped with a vegan chocolate merlot buttercream


Chocolate Milk

Chocolate cupcake frosted with a cocoa powder buttercream


Chocolate Mint                                                                                                     

Chocolate cupcake frosted with light green vegan peppermint buttercream 


Chocolate Orange                                                                                                 

Chocolate cupcake frosted with a vegan chocolate and orange buttercream


Chocolate Oreo                                                                                                    

Chocolate cupcake baked with Oreo Cookies inside, frosted with a vegan chocolate and Oreo Cookie buttercream


Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry preserves, and frosted with a chocolate raspberry buttercream


Chocolate Toasted Coconut                                                                                                   

Chocolate coconut cupcake topped with vegan chocolate coconut buttercream and toasted coconut flakes


Chocolate / Vanilla                                                                                                                 

Chocolate cupcake topped with white vegan vanilla buttercream 



Cinnamon cupcake frosted with vanilla bean buttercream, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar


Cinnamon Roll                                                                                                                                          

Cinnamon walnut cupcake frosted with a vegan cream cheese with a thick swirl of cinnamon vegan buttercream


Cinnamon Twist                                                                                                                     

Cinnamon cupcake frosted with a vegan cinnamon brandy buttercream 


Coco Mac                                                                                                              

Coconut cupcake with vegan coconut buttercream, rolled in flakes of coconut and crushed macadamia nuts



Coconut cupcake topped with vegan coconut buttercream rolled in flakes of coconut


Coconut Mango                                                                                                                                        

Coconut/fresh mango cupcake topped with vegan coconut/fresh mango buttercream, side rolled in fresh coconut flakes


Cold Brew Coffee                                                                                                                                                       

Coffee cupcake topped with vegan coffee buttercream 


Cookies n’ Cream                                                                                                                                                                                            

Vanilla cupcake baked with Oreo Cookies inside and then frosted with a vegan vanilla and Oreo Cookie buttercream



Vanilla/cranberry/lime cupcake baked with a "shot" of vodka, frosted with a vegan cranberry/lime buttercream


Cranberry Vanilla (seasonal availability)                                          

Vanilla/cranberry cupcake baked with fresh cranberries, frosted with a vegan vanilla/cranberry buttercream


Cucumber Lime

Zested lime cupcake with a cucumber lime buttercream


Divine Divinity                                                                                                                        

Vanilla butter and walnut cupcake and a vegan vanilla bean walnut buttercream


Dutch Apple Crumble                                                                                           

Vanilla butter cupcake baked with brown sugar, spices and lots of fresh apple, topped with an apple pie spiced brown sugar crumble and a vegan vanilla bean glaze


Espresso Blast                                                                                                                         

Vanilla bean cupcake with lots of espresso throughout, frosted with an espresso vanilla bean vegan buttercream


English Breakfast Tea Time

English breakfast tea infused cupcake frosted with an English Breakfast Tea infused buttercream


Farmers Market                                                                                                                      

Combination of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and walnuts in a cupcake that resembles a spice cake, topped with a vegan cream cheese frosting 


French Fennel

Orange cupcake with fennel, frosted with an orange fennel buttercream


French Toast                                                                                                                                             

Vanilla/maple/cinnamon cupcake topped with vanilla/maple/cinnamon vegan buttercream and a light dusting of powdered sugar


Fruit Cocktail 

Old school fruit cocktail baked into a vanilla bean cupcake with a vanilla bean buttercream


Ginger Tea Time                                                                                                   

Ginger and black tea cupcake frosted with a ginger and black tea vegan buttercream


Grapefruit Zing

Grapefruit cupcake with a grapefruit buttercream


Green Tea                                                                                                             

Green Tea (matcha) cupcake and vegan buttercream


Green Tea Lemon

Green tea (matcha) cupcake with a green tea and lemon buttercream


Green Tea Wasabi                                                                                                

Green Tea (matcha) cupcake baked with wasabi and topped with a green tea and wasabi vegan buttercream


Guava Coconut

Vanilla bean cupcake with a guava filling, frosted with coconut buttercream, rolled in coconut and finished with a guava drizzle



Hibiscus cupcake with a hibiscus buttercream


Hidden Raspberry                                                                                                

Vanilla cupcake with a tart raspberry filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream


Holiday Spice (seasonal availability)                                                                                      

Spice cupcake made with Yummy Cupcakes' special blend of holiday spices, topped with holiday spice vegan buttercream 


Hot Buttered Rum                                                                                                                  

A rich buttery cupcake with hints of nutmeg and vanilla baked with Meyers Rum, topped with a brown sugar vegan vanilla bean frosting with a rum kicker!


Hot Cinnamon                                                                                                                        

Cinnamon cupcake frosted with a fiery cinnamon vegan buttercream



Pineapple cupcake with pineapple vegan buttercream and rolled in crushed macadamia nuts and shredded coconut


Italian Cream                                                                                                                           

Italian style coconut cupcake topped with an Italian vegan cream cheese frosting with walnuts and flakes of coconut


Lemon Blueberry

Lemon cupcake studded with fresh blueberries, topped with a light lemon buttercream


Lemon Cajon                                                                                                                           

Lemon cupcake infused with traditional Cajon spices, with a spicy vegan lemon cream cheese frosting 


Lemon Coconut                                                                                                                                        

Lemon cupcake made with fresh lemon juice, topped with vegan lemon/coconut buttercream rolled in coconut flakes


Lemon Ginger                                                                                                                                           

Ginger/lemon cupcake, topped with ginger infused vegan lemon buttercream dusted with sugar crystals


Lemon Lavender                                                                                                   

Lemon cupcake infused with lavender and topped with a lavender infused lemon vegan buttercream


Lemon Mediterranean                                                                                                           

Lemon cupcake with olive oil and sea salt frosted with a lemon and olive oil vegan buttercream, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt


Lemon Pinot Grigio                                                                                              

Sweet lemon zested cupcake baked with a light, crisp Pinot Grigio, frosted with a lemon Pinot Grigio vegan buttercream


Lemon Raspberry                                                                                                                   

Meyer lemon cupcake topped with vegan lemon raspberry buttercream


Lemon Tart                                                                                                                                              

Meyer lemon zest cupcake, topped with fresh lemon zest vegan buttercream


Lime Cilantro                                                                                                                          

Lime cupcake infused with cilantro and frosted with a cilantro infused lime vegan buttercream


Mai Tai

Orange and lime cupcake baked with a “shot” of rum, frosted with an orange lime buttercream


Maker’s mark Bourbon Apple Pie

Spiced cupcake studded with Maker’s Mark soaked apples, frosted with an apple buttercream


Mandarin Orange                                                                                                                   

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with mandarin oranges frosted with a vegan mandarin orange buttercream 


Mango Cobbler

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with mangos and brown sugar crumble, frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and sprinkled with more crumble


Mango Lime                                                                                                                                              

Fresh mango cupcake topped with a vegan mango/lime buttercream


Mango Lime Chili & Salt                                                                                       

Fresh mango cupcake with fresh lime and chilies, frosted with a fresh mango and lime vegan buttercream, topped with blended chili powders and salt


Maple Gingerbread                                                                                              

A maple gingerbread cupcake with a vegan maple cream cheese frosting


Maple Yam

Fresh maple and yam cupcake with a maple yam buttercream



Lemon/lime cupcake baked with a "shot” of tequila, frosted with a lime buttercream, with a sprinkle of salt 


Mint Julip

Bourbon and mint cupcake with a mint buttercream 



Chocolate/coffee cupcake frosted with a chocolate/coffee vegan buttercream


Mocha Latte                                                                                                                           

Mocha cupcake frosted with a vanilla bean vegan buttercream, lightly sprinkled with cocoa powder and cinnamon



Lime/mint cupcake baked with a "shot" of rum, frosted with a lime/mint vegan buttercream, garnished with a sprig of mint


Monkey Love                                                                                                                          

Chocolate cupcake frosted with a fresh banana vegan buttercream with walnuts folded in 


Nutty Coconut                                                                                                                                          

Coconut cupcake topped with a vegan cream cheese/walnut frosting, rolled in coconut flakes


Nutty Red Velvet

Our traditional Southern Red Velvet topped with chopped pecans


Oatmeal Cranberry

Oatmeal cupcake baked with fresh cranberries inside, topped with a cinnamon spiced buttercream


Oatmeal Cookie                                                                                                                      

Oatmeal/cinnamon/raisin cupcake topped with a vegan vanilla/cinnamon buttercream 



Orange cupcake made with fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest, frosted with fresh orange vegan buttercream, garnished with a dollop of orange   


Orange Fig

Orange cupcake topped with an orange fig buttercream


Orange Five Spice                                                                                                 

Orange cupcake infused with traditional Chinese Five Spice, topped with a spiced vegan cream cheese frosting


Orange Pineapple                                                                                                                   

Fresh orange/pineapple cupcake topped with vegan orange/pineapple buttercream


Passion Fruit

Passion fruit cupcake frosted with passion fruit buttercream


Peach Cobbler                                                                                                                        

Vanilla butter cupcake baked with fresh peaches, peach juice and brown sugar/cinnamon crumble, frosted with a vanilla bean buttercream, topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar crumble


Peach Stuffie

Vanilla bean cupcake, hallowed out and filled with fresh peaches, rimmed with vanilla buttercream


Peanut Butter Bomb                                                                                            

Chunky Peanut Butter cupcake centered with creamy peanut butter, frosted with vegan peanut butter buttercream, garnished with a sprinkle of peanuts


Peanut Butter Cup                                                                                                

Chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter and frosted with vegan peanut butter buttercream


Peanut Butter & Jelly                                                                                           

Peanut butter cupcake filled with grape jelly and frosted with vegan peanut butter buttercream


Pepper & Salty Sweet

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with cracked black pepper, frosted with a vegan vanilla bean and black pepper buttercream sprinkled with sea salt


Peppermint Cool                                                                                                                    
Chocolate peppermint cupcake frosted with a chocolate peppermint vegan buttercream, garnished with a mini candy cane


Pickles n’ Ice Cream                                                                                             

Vanilla bean cupcake with a vegan dill pickle buttercream


Pina Colada                                                                                                                             

Pineapple and coconut cupcake baked with a “shot” of rum and frosted with a pineapple, coconut, rum vegan buttercream, topped with shredded coconut 


Pineapple Whip                                                                                                                                        

Chunky pineapple cupcake topped with a whipped vegan pineapple buttercream 



Pistachio cupcake frosted with a vegan pistachio buttercream


Plenty Good                                                                                                                            

Black licorice cupcake frosted with a black licorice vegan buttercream



Pineapple cupcake with “hidden” spinach baked inside, topped with a vegan pineapple cream cheese frosting


Pumpkin Doodle                                                                                                                     

Pumpkin cupcake with a vegan pumpkin buttercream, rolled in cinnamon sugar


Pumpkin Pie                                                                                                                           

Pumpkin cupcake frosted with a vegan pumpkin cream cheese frosting



Pumpkin cupcake frosted with a vanilla pumpkin vegan buttercream, rolled in cinnamon sugar


Raspberry Red Velvet

Red velvet cupcake with notes of raspberries, with a raspberry filling, topped with vegan vanilla buttercream


Red Velvet Cream Cheese                                                                                                      

Traditional Southern red velvet cupcake topped with vegan vanilla frosting 


Red Velvet Cocoa Cream Cheese                                                                                           

Traditional Southern red velvet cupcake topped with a vegan cocoa frosting 


Root Beer

Root beer cupcake frosted with a vegan root beer buttercream



Vanilla/cinnamon/sugar cupcake made with rich buttermilk,frosted with a vanilla vegan buttercream, rolled in a cinnamon/sugar mix



Fresh strawberry cupcake frosted with a vegan strawberry buttercream


Strawberry Balsamic Blast                                                                                   

Strawberry cupcake with balsamic vinegar, frosted with a vegan strawberry buttercream and topped with a balsamic reduction drizzle


Strawberry Brown Sugar                                                                                                        

Strawberry cupcake frosted with a vegan brown sugar buttercream


Strawberry Toasted Coconut

Strawberry cupcake with a vegan strawberry coconut buttercream, rolled in toasted coconut


Sugar Cookie                                                                                                                           

Sugar cookie cupcake frosted with a sugar cookie vegan buttercream, rolled in sugar crystals 


Summer Lemonade

Lemonade cupcake with a vegan lemonade buttercream and topped with sugar crystals


Tea & Jam                                                                                                             

Black tea cupcake filled with tart raspberry jam, frosted with a vegan black tea buttercream


The Waldorf

Apple coconut cupcake baked with walnuts inside, frosted with a vegan vanilla bean buttercream with crunchy apples and walnuts folded in and topped with shredded coconut


Vanilla Apricot Cream                                                                                                            

Vanilla cupcake topped with a vegan vanilla apricot cream cheese frosting


Vanilla Bean                                                                                                                                              

Vanilla cupcake made with vanilla bean puree, topped with vegan vanilla buttercream 


Vanilla Blackberry Cream Cheese                                                                        

Vanilla cupcake topped with a vegan vanilla blackberry cream cheese frosting


Vanilla / Chocolate                                                                                                                

Vanilla cupcake made with vanilla bean puree, topped with vegan chocolate buttercream 


Vanilla Raspberry Cream Cheese                                                      

Vanilla cupcake topped with a vegan vanilla raspberry cream cheese frosting


Vanilla Rose                                                                                                                            

Vanilla cupcake baked with rose essence and frosted with a vegan vanilla rose essence buttercream


White Pepper Peach

Peach and white pepper cupcake with a peach white pepper buttercream


Wedding Cookie                                                                                                   

Vanilla cupcake baked with chopped walnut, frosted with a vanilla bean and walnut vegan buttercream , and rolled in powdered sugar