Specialty Treats Menu

We are proud to offer you these amazing and delicious Gourmet Cupcake Specialty Treats created exclusively for Yummy Cupcakes by Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko.

You are welcome to order online or call any bakeshop directly and we will be happy to help you.  We appreciate getting your order at least 24 hours in advance.  Thank you and enjoy!



cupcakie-pies.jpgCupcakie Pie TM
A delicious twist on the Whoopie Pie…it’s a great addition to the Cupcake Family and it’s unbelievably yummy! Two gourmet cupcake tops are filled in the center with melt-in-your-mouth buttercream, half dipped in decadent chocolate, rolled in scrumptious toppings and the result…the awesome Cupcakie Pie!!

$4.25 each

$2.25 each
$17.50   8-piece box



cupcake-biscotti.jpgCupcake BiscottiTM
Fresh cupcakes slices twice baked to a biscotti crunch, double dipped in and drizzled with pure melted chocolates, rolled in a variety of scrumptious toppings.

$0.75 each / $4.50 6 piece pack
Please order 24 hours in advance.





cupcake-in-a-jar.jpgCupcake in a JarTM
Gourmet Yummy Cupcake is layered in a glass jar with our whippy, house-made buttercreams, fillings, curds and scrumptious toppings, ready to eat with its own spoon. A very special treat!


Vegan, Gluten-less/Vegan & Sugar-free $7.00

Order in advance or come in to any of our Bakeshops and we will be happy to create your Cupcake-in-a-Jar from your selection of flavors baked that day.  Large orders please place 24 hours in advance.

cupcake-mini-bites.jpgCupcake Mini BitesTM
Unwrapped, frosting free, bite sized cupcakes taken right out of the oven and tossed in confectioners’ sugar or granulated sugar or a cinnamon/sugar mix!

$3.25 / pkg of 6
$3.50 / pkg of 6 Vegan

Please order 24 hours in advance



cupcake-on-a-stick.jpgCupcake on a StickTM
Our delicious gourmet Cupcake on a Stick is double dipped in our decadent chocolate then rolled in a variety of scrumptious toppings like sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, nuts and/or marshmallows.

$6.00 - $8.00 each  -  depending upon flavor selection

Please order 24 hours in advance.




cupcake-push-pops.jpgCupcake Push Pops
Layers of our gourmet cupcake, whippy buttercream and scrumptious toppings are layered into a Push Pop!  This is a fun way to eat this delicious treat.  Put the lid back on to enjoy some later…if you can wait that long!!

$3.00 each - Classic flavor
$3.25 each - Vegan






cupcake-truffles.jpgCupcake Truffles®
A decadent combination of our cupcake, buttercream and ganache...the Cupcake Truffle is dipped in pure chocolate then topped with a complimenting topping like sprinkles, nuts, crystal sugars.
$1.75 each
$13.50   7-piece box
Assorted flavors available in store every day.
For large orders, please place 24 hours in advance.

Cupcake Truffle Pops
A whimsical spin-off of our popular Cupcake Truffle...on a stick.
These scrumptious treats add an element of fun to every event!
$3.00 each.
Available by advance order only – minimum 6 per order. 


frosting-bon-bons.jpgFrosting Bon BonsTM
These amazing shots of assorted buttercream flavors are enveloped in pure melted chocolate! An unbelievably delicious treat.

$1.25 each
$7.25 6-piece box

Please order 24 hours in advance




yummy-rewards.jpgGift Card
Always a great gift…a Yummy Cupcakes Gift Card!
Available in any denomination.




mini-cupcakes.jpgMini Cupcake Assorted Dozen
(flavors subject to availability and vary per dozen)

$21.00 Classic flavors
$22.00 Vegan and Sugar-free

Available in store every day








Party Kit

  • 12 unfrosted gourmet cupcakes
    12 Vanilla Bean or 12 Chocolate or 6 of each
  • Buttercream frosting (more than enough for 12 cupcakes)
    Vanilla Bean or Chocolate or  1/2 & 1/2

  • A selection of assorted toppings
    (Select four: Shredded Coconut, Chopped Peanuts, Mini Marshmallows, Mini Chocolate Chips, Colorful Plain M&M’s, Rainbow Sprinkles, Oreo Cookie Crumbs or Crushed Graham Crackers)
  • 12 eco friendly knives & napkins

All you need to do is unwrap, frost, decorate and enjoy!
$45.00 Vegan
Please order 24 hours in advance.



Specialty Boxes:

Mini Taster Box
A delicious taste of everyone’s favorite minis!

  • 3 Mini Cupcakie Pies
  • 3 Cupcake Truffles
  • 3 Mini Cupcake Parfaits
  • 3 Mini Gourmet Cupcakes



Treats Sampler Pack
A scrumptious collection of our famous gourmet cupcake treats!

  • 3 single Cupcake in a Jar
  • 12 pieces of chocolate dipped Cupcake Biscotti
  • 6 pieces of Cupcake Truffles